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I have a passion for Healthy eating habits.

I have another passion for snacking.

I have a solution for snacking in a healthy way.

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ICome visit at:



General Repairs,
Specialist Repairs
 & Vintage Parts


A Range of Fabrics, Including Vintage Leathers, & Wide Variety of Colors


Spray paint, Custom Stencilling & Variety of Custom Made Artwork

I can help you create an internet marketing plan for your business, and help you create your brand!  

Why do you choose me to help with your internet marketing plan?

  • Earned a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing .    

  • Created an Internet Marketing plan for a Photography Social Media company.

  • Valedictorian in the class.

  • Earned the Google Analytics Certificate.

  • Received a Course Director's Award in Advanced Search Engine Optimization.

  • Received an Advanced Achievement Award in the Internet Marketing Program.



So I am still working on the website.

you can see that I have several projects going in my life.  I am so excited for all of them.  I am excited to move forward on every project.  I'll write more later as I develop the site into what it is to be!



CarolWPorter Designs